Video Consultation

On a video conference, the distant clinician receives a great deal of visual information about the patient and their surroundings. It is also easier for several people to be involved at each site during a video conference.


  • remote consultations – for example, between a rural patient or a patient in a rest home and a specialist in an urban hospital.
  • triage – for example, a GP consulting with a hospital on whether a patient should be admitted.
  • multidisciplinary meetings, for example, several health professionals situated in various locations using video conferencing to discuss a treatment plan for a shared patient.
  • remote expert peer support, for example, a doctor in a rural hospital being supervised by a doctor in a larger regional hospital. Or an emergency department in a remote hospital connecting with the emergency department of a larger hospital to discuss care for a patient.
  • education, for example, online training workshops delivered between sites using video conferencing.
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