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Call the doctor now offers a complete and ready to use telehealth answer to any place, no matter how inaccessible.

Our provision will expand patient access and quality of care while simultaneously reducing costs. While others make that claim, Call the doctor now will deliver 100%! To ensure quality, we have a team of doctors who are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Our doctors are committed to using national guidelines and evidence-based protocols. They provide quality service in line with ever-evolving technology.  Outstanding patient care is our driving force.

24hr service

Doctors available 24 hours a day

Aust. doctors

All doctors are AHPRA registered

Direct scripts

Scripts send direct to pharmacy of choice

Fee for service

Bulk billed
(No cost to you)

Medical certs.

Doctor issued medical leave certificates

Video or phone

Communicate by video or phone

The doctor will hear you now

This medical service is bulk billed for Medicare cardholders

(for non-medicare cardholders this services has $50 consultation fee)

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CTDN launches in Australia

Patient care is rapidly evolving to include innovative technology. Telehealth is providing patients with GP care anywhere, anytime, by way of telephone or video conferencing using modern and mobile technology.

Call the doctor now app is the best example! It is a smart app that allows you to access your medical history and book future consultations that can be conducted by way of a video or phone consult.

You can have this facility for every member of your family. You never have to leave home. You also do not need to worry since the information is encrypted and secure.

How it works...

Telehealth is now more commonly used as it describes the wide range of diagnosis and management, education, and other related fields of health care performed at a distance. Basically ‘Telehealth’ is when a patient meets with a doctor over a distance. It can be a video visit or phone call. Typically, when doctors or medical professionals say Telehealth they are referring to a video visit.

To make it simpler to understand, here are 7 basic Telehealth steps that patients and doctors go through when using Call the doctor now.


With the use of the Call the doctor now app, patients can request a remote appointment with their doctor.


Important information must be gathered before the appointment. This is often sent via the app to the doctor.

Connect to the call

Through secure video calls, the doctor can call the patient at the confirmed time.


The doctors analyse the patient’s conditions based on the discussion and any records on file.


The doctor will send a prescription to a pharmacy or home care instructions on how to reduce your illness.

Payment & Insurance filing

Bulk billed payment for medicare cardholders.

Under the guidelines and conditions set down by regulatory bodies

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