Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Patients

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is providing patients with GP care anywhere, anytime, by way of telephone or video conferencing using modern and mobile technology.

What is Call the doctor now?

CALL THE DOCTOR NOW is a Smartphone App that enables GP’s to operate a mobile clinic, complete with recording patient notes, writing prescriptions and providing Medical Certificates. It enables doctors to provide continuous care for their regular patients, often without leaving the location they are at.

Is training and support provided?

Yes – we can provide doctors with a manual, video link or Call Centre Consultant support via phone or Skype as follows:
Video Link:
Call Centre Phone:
Call Centre Skype:

What qualifications do I need to have to become a Call the doctor now Telehealth GP?

Right of Work in Australia
AHPRA General Registration – speak to a CALL THE DOCTOR NOW to become a member of our team.

Will I need a Provider Number to do Telehealth?

No – Telehealth Consultations are not yet covered by MBS Item Codes.  All consultations are Private Billings.
We also ask doctors to provide us with:
1) Completed Company Profile Checklist
2) Certified copy of:  Passport and relevant Visa if applicable
3) Copy of:  Medical Indemnity Insurance Certificate
4) Copy of:  CV
5) Copy of:  Any relevant training certificates such as Advanced Life Saving

Are there any costs to the doctor?

Just be able to have internet connection and computer suitable for Software

Are there set rosters?

No – the doctor manages their own ‘Availability’ by selecting the appropriate feature in the app.

Is there online support for doctors to contact?

Absolutely Yes – our Call Centre Team are available 24/7.  Doctors will also be able to access the medical director for medically specific queries.

What about security of patient information?

CALL THE DOCTOR NOW is a cloud-based service.  Under the strict guidelines of E Health, Patients record are highly secured.

FAQs for Practices

How does Call The Doctor Now fit into my practice?

As a GP, you take full control. You can set your services, schedules and fees on the mobile application. All of these are based on your hours during your clinical practice.

Is there any available training and support for the members in my practice?

Yes! We can schedule a training session for all your GPs who will use the mobile application. This may be through a Skype conference or phone consultation. A manual is also available for reference.

Is there a fee to use the mobile application?

The application is free to download on either the App Store or Google Play. All you must do is to submit your requirements, register yourself with us and we will discuss the corresponding monthly subscription fees with you.

Are there any requirements to join your community of doctors?

We do require our doctors to submit the following:
1) Right of Work in Australia
2) AHPRA General Registration- if you have any restrictions, please speak to a Call The Doctor Now consultant
3) Completed Company Profile Checklist
4) Certified True Copy of: Passport and relevant visa if applicable
5) Copy of: Medical Indemnity Insurance Certificate
6) Copy of: Curriculum Vitae
7) Copy of: Any relevant training certificates such as Advanced Life Saving

What are the rates as a Call the Doctor Now client?

1) The rates are determined by the client
2) The client received the invoice and pays it directly to Call The Doctor Now
3) Call The Doctor Now will pay the doctor the fee, less the booking and administration fees. It should be noted that there may be additional deductions if there are any clinic fees included.

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