How It Works

How it works

Telehealth is now more commonly used as it describes the wide range of diagnosis and management, education, and other related fields of health care performed at a distance. Basically ‘Telehealth’ is when a patient meets with a doctor over a distance. It can be a video visit or phone call. Typically, when doctors or medical professionals say Telehealth they are referring to a video visit.

To make it simpler to understand, here are 7 basic Telehealth steps that patients and doctors go through when using Call the doctor now.

Step 1: Scheduling
With the use of the Call the doctor now app, patients can request a remote appointment with their doctor. The doctor usually has specific hours set aside for the appointments and can confirm the appointment within minutes of the patient requesting.
Step 2: Records
Some important information must be gathered before the appointment. This is often sent via the app to the doctor. The benefit of using the Call the doctor now appointment with your doctor of record is that all your information is already stored on file.
Step 3: Connect to the Call
Through secure video calls, the doctor can call the patient at the confirmed time. This saves travel time for the patient, as well as reduces waiting room congestion for doctors. Typically, the consult call will last 15 minutes, and sometimes up to an hour for specialists.
Step 4: Diagnosis
The doctors analyse the patient’s conditions based on the discussion and any records on file.
Step 5: Prescribing
The doctor will send a prescription to a pharmacy or give you home care instructions on what to do to reduce your illness.
Step 6: Payment and Insurance Filing
Bulk billed payment for medicare card holders. For all non-medicare rebatabel patients, a payment of $50 must be settled via the app before the appointment. If insurance needs to be filed, there are many providers who will reimburse the costs.
Step 7: Follow Up Appointment
The patient follows the doctor’s instructions regarding health and medicine for wellness. This may be a one-off check-up, or it may be ongoing depending upon the conditions.
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